2016 Numerology Predictions

2016 Numerology Predictions

What will the new year bring to your life?

The number 9 is the World Year Number for 2016. The World Year Number (also called the Universal Year Number) is a single-digit number that represents the energy for everyone over a given year; 2016 is a 9 Year, because 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9. The Number 9 promotes completion. It signals a time to wrap things up and bring them to a conclusion. The year 2016 is a time to consider what has not been working in your life, and to begin doing things a little differently. 

Unfortunately, terrorism may continue to surge in 2016, but I do believe that in this 9 Year, many of the major world leaders will come together and work on this problem as a team. We will see a much more united effort than we have in the recent past. More effort will also be put into finding ways for all of us to have cleaner air and water.

Selfishness vs. Selflessness

The 9 World Year Number also promotes being more selfless -- the realization that if we do not all work together, we will pay a heavy price. Spiritual leaders Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and Yogananda were all 9 Life Paths, and the way they lived their lives are perfect examples of the selflessness I am referring to.

With that in mind, if you can volunteer to help others in this 9 World Year, it would be a very good idea. You will find that the more you do for others in this particular year, the happier you will be.

This 9 World Year is also a time to address controversial police brutality. Stricter rules will be put in place to prevent more of it in the future, plus we will begin to see how lucky we are to have men and women in uniform willing to protect us and sacrifice their lives if necessary.

Although major cyber hackings will continue, in the World Number 9, there should be expert breakthroughs in online privacy and protection.

What does 2016 mean for YOU?

As for you personally, this is a year to take a look at your relationships, your job, and all the things taking place in your life. Make a pros-and-cons list of what's bothering you, and decide if it's time for you to move on.

Since the 9 World Number is about bringing projects to completion, you may want to finish what you've been working on before making the next move. Projects that are started in a 9 World Year do not move as quickly as you would like, and can cause some frustration. My favorite thing about a 9 World Year is that whatever you have been working on during the past nine years, there tends to be a positive payoff!

I do feel optimistic about this 2016 New Year. And although we will have some struggles that we have to deal with, by year's end, we will finally be taking real steps to actually change the world for the better!

Looking back at 2015...

One of the first things I said when we entered the World Number 8 in 2015, is that people would be very blunt, and finding ways to compromise would prove to be extremely difficult. We would also be dealing with financial issues, and "in your face" politics -- think of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as examples.

Actually, when it comes to economics, Bernie Sanders represents Socialism, and Donald Trump represents Capitalism -- two polar opposite points of view. This makes perfect sense in the World Number 8.

We also saw fluctuations in the stock market in 2015, and China had to devalue its currency by 2% to boost its flagging economy. On Black Friday, a normally big day for sales, the profits were a billion dollars less than the year before. 

As of late 2015, the entire European Union is on the verge of entering a second recession, and Greece's unwillingness to negotiate when it comes to paying their debt to the EU has been a real problem in this World Year of 8.

This outspokenness and unwillingness to compromise in this 8 World Year played out everywhere, and I believe it also explains why so many high-profile, long-term marriages ended such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, and Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman. 

Unwilling and unable

On the political front, 2015 began with a terrorist attack against cartoonists in Paris by ISIS. ISIS also took credit for blowing up a commercial Russian airliner, then they again attacked Paris. Two weeks later in the U.S., a radicalized couple in California killed 14 people and wounded 21 more people at a company Christmas party. 

Because of the political element of the 8 World Year Number, and the negative side of the 8's unwillingness to compromise, it is not surprising that so many of these mass killings took place during the World Number 8.

Seeing through the fog

The 8 World Number also promotes transparency -- if someone is up to no good, they will get caught, and people will want immediate justice. A few examples? Jared Fogle from Subway fame was caught hiring under-age women for sex, and is now in jail. And then there's Bill Cosby: More and more women came forward alleging that Cosby had drugged them and had sex with them against their will. And when a previously settled case against Bill Cosby was unsealed, it revealed that he actually admitted to drugging women before having sex with them. 

Here's one more; Brian Williams, a well-respected news anchor, was caught fabricating a story that while he was in war-torn Iraq years ago, the helicopter he was in was shot at. The story was untrue, and although Mr. Williams apologized, he was suspended from his anchor position for six months, and still has not returned. I could go on, but suffice it to say much was revealed in the transparent, karmic 8 World Year!

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